PermaLink More remote desktop tips, non-standard screen sizes02:47 PM
From Time to time I use my Wife's laptop, its not often, but, I do from time to time. Mostly what I do with a laptop, is remote desktop back into a computer either in the data center or at home. That way I have all my application configured just the way that I want them. Her laptop has a 1680x1050 wide screen resolution screen, which i suppose is fine, but, when used with remote desktop, its not one of the supported resolutions. The impact of this is that it will downsize to the nearest supported resolution, for her's its 1600x1050, but, if you switch, to windowed mode then back to full screen, it will not go into full screen. Up until now, my way around this, instead of minimizing a window full screen session, I would just kill it and restart it, which is much, much slower. You can specify a non-standard size directly in the RDP file, which is just a text configuration file. Here are the important settings desktopwidth:i:1680 desktopheight:i:1050


PermaLink Initial thoughts about rprwyatt and dominofile SPAM11:03 AM
My first contact with rprwyatt  was through spam that I received from dominofiles.  My gut feel is that any company that's product is not able to stand on its own without resorting to spam, is probably not very good, but, I have no knowlege whatsoever about them as a company (other than they've shown me they work with spammers).

Bruce blogged about dominofiles last month .

I sent my opt out request to dominofiles (twice), but, to no avail, they bounced the first one back to me and didnt act on the second.

I've chatted with
Bruce and he tells me that he does not get dominofiles spam anymore, so, it seems that I must blog about this problem to get it resolved.  (worked for Bruce!)

I don't believe it is my responsiblity to beg and plead to be removed from a list.  Any reputable company would not want to annoy a potential customer, which leads me to believe dominofiles may not be reputible, and possibly rprwyatt by association.  

It reflects poorly on rprwyatt and any other companies that choose to use dominofiles as an advertising medium.

I believe that honest mistakes happen and a company's virtues can be measured, by their reaction when it's drawn to their attention.

What do you think blogosphere?

Should rprwyatt  be held accountable for the actions of the vendors they choose?


PermaLink Yahoo Just plain trying harder09:10 AM
While google is slamming out one cool feature after another and bringing them to the masses Yahoo is quietly doing some pretty cool stuff too, I still like Google much better, but I think they could learn a bit from Yahoo too, Googles web application are polished and sweet, but, after seeing Yahoo's version (usually after google), I wish google had some of those features.

I recently did an authenticated search on yahoo and in my results set in addition to the "Block" link that I first saw on google, I also saw a "Save" link.

Google has had for some time the ability to go back into your search history and save a URL, but, its an extra step and somewhat combersome.

Now both of them need to DO something with the results. blew my mind at first sight, but the beta version at allows for multi destination routes and saved addresses. The yahoo beta allows me to pan and scroll like google does, but it requires flash (YUCK). Google added satelite and hybrid views, yahoo added Live traffic (rock on!)

Microsoft has been in this space too, they added the ability to build a url with a bunch of stuff on it like pushpins and save searches, cool features, but, I still like google. Meanwhile mapquest has apperently made a decision to take their awsome lead in this space and sink it to the bottom of the sea, through neglect.